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Turkishdoc – Yiling Pharmaceutical Cooperation

At Turkishdoc, as part of our partnership with Yiling Pharmaceutical, we aim to bring together Western and Eastern medicine to provide patients with the most comprehensive care and treatments.

Gradually increasing its effectiveness in the Far East market in the field of Health Tourism, Turkishdoc has signed a cooperation agreement with China’s leading Yiling Pharmaceutical company on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Mr. Faik Göksu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkishdoc, stated that within the scope of this agreement, they will be able to provide services to patients in both directions. Patients coming from China will be able to benefit from Turkey’s state-of-the-art technology facilities and expert training, while patients from Turkey will be able to receive Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments at Yiling Healthcare City.

 Our collaboration with Yiling Pharmaceutical is based on building a bridge between East and West in the field of medicine.

Yiling Pharmaceutical is one of China’s largest healthcare companies and a pioneer in integrating traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine.

In 2022; they were among the top 10 traditional Chinese Medicine companies in their country.

As Turkey, we have rich medical resources and trained specialized doctors. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a history of thousands of years.

Yiling Pharmaceutical; for treatment, medicine, health, and wellness Yiling Healthcare City, is a one-stop service platform.

This comprehensive approach to healthy living; Hebei Yiling Hospital, Yiling Pharmaceutical, health management center, and luxury wellness hotels.

This agreement is part of our goal to expand into the Far East Pacific region with new partnerships.

The vision we share with Yiling Pharmaceutical marks a new understanding of healthcare, developing a deeper understanding of the human body, health, and well-being from both Western and Eastern perspectives.

Together, we are ready to redefine the global healthcare landscape and usher in a new era of integrated and patient-centered care.

Yiling Healthcare City is located in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province. It embodies a modern, complex, and modernized approach that combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine. It houses a class-A hospital.

The Department of Neurology and Amyotrophy handles difficult cases such as motor neuron disease, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia, multiple sclerosis, and syringomyelia with groundbreaking TCM treatments.

In the last two decades alone; they have treated over a hundred thousand patients both at home and abroad.

Using a unique blend of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, they are also very successful in treating cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

In addition, the Rehabilitation Department is achieving significant results in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease, traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal and spinal cord injuries, and the treatment of the side effects of anthrax.

As Turkishdoc; one of the topics we focus on is IVF, i.e. in vitro fertilization treatments.

We have many specialized doctors known for their success in this field in Turkey.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been recognized globally for being effective in treating infertility in men and women for thousands of years.

For example, recent research shows that patients who receive IVF acupuncture have higher pregnancy rates than those who do not receive this treatment.

This treatment aims to improve blood flow to the ovaries and endometrium while trying to increase fertility.

At Turkishdoc, we aim to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern IVF treatment to achieve more efficient results in the future.

This cooperation will contribute to the growth of the health tourism sector in Turkey and will contribute to increasing international patient demand.

We believe that we have taken an important step that will increase Turkey’s strength and potential in the field of medicine.

Increasing Turkey’s attractiveness as a health tourism destination and having a stronger voice in the international market in this field is very important for our country.

In the coming period, as Turkishdoc, we will continue to contribute to our country with new partnerships in health tourism.


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For more information and support on IVF and infertility, consider reaching out to Turkishdoc and support organizations to access the guidance and resources you need on your journey.

For more information and support on IVF and infertility, consider reaching out to Turkishdoc and support organizations to access
the guidance and resources you need on your journey.

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